hist-games: farkle

BCSEnt bcsent at texas.net
Thu May 2 10:56:08 PDT 2002

Thanks for the replies about Farkle. I just called the lady up again and she
says the name "Pocket Farkle" is trade-marked. She also said someone sent
her an article from the east-coast (magazine or person from the east?) about
the game dating back at least 300 years. But she didn't know the mag nor
article... And she wasn't sure of the magazine's authenticity. In any event,
she thought Farkle would be like Solitaire or Craps-- not trademarked per
se. But Pocket Farkle is!!

I always thought Cosmic Wimpout was a variant of farkle. On our dice table
in the store, CW has a copyright of 1999. I tried the phone number but it
was a machine. I left a message.

www.faires.com/farkle has the rules (google search), ending in "... as such
is against the law of our goode Quenne Elizabeth." But I'm not about to take
their word on game origins when I have such a good games authority source
here!!! I agree they could be "ageing" a popular game!

Thanks again for the info--

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