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BCSEnt bcsent at texas.net
Thu May 2 09:50:48 PDT 2002

Thursday May 2
hello group--

It's Ren faire time and people are asking about Farkle-- like how many dice
do they need as they gaze down at my dice table.

Now when I talked to a Farkle Inc lady a couple years ago about carrying her
product, she said it was trade-marked etc. So ... I was mighty surprised to
find a reference just now about The Game of Farkle on the internet alluding
to medieval origins. Is this true? Can I put 6 dice together with some of my
own typed up rules in a bag o' dice and call it all Farkle? (I was ready to
call it something original like 6 Dice).

So how old is farkle? Can it really be trade-marked?

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