hist-games: Murray's History of Chess and History of Board Games reprinted

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Fri Apr 5 08:56:57 PST 2002

Mike Knauer wrote:
> Just received this on the Games Guild of Ealdormere mailing list and 
> figured folks here would like to know about them as well.
> > 'History of Chess' - by H J R Murray
> >
> > 'History of Board-Games other than Chess' - by H J R Murray

Wow -- this is fantastic news.

For those not familiar with them, these are arguably the two most
important books in the field of historical games. They're a little old,
so a *bit* of the data has been superceded, but they're critical seminal
works. And while "A History of Chess" has been in and out of print
fairly frequently, "A History of Board-Games Other Than Chess" has never
to my knowledge been reprinted before. (I paid well over $100 for it.)

The books are rather different in style. "A History of Chess" is a
mammoth tome (about 900 pages) going into enormous depth on all aspects
of the subject. Many books have been written on the topic, but none that
I know have either the breadth or depth of this one.

"A History of Board-Games Other Than Chess", by contrast, is essentially
the encyclopedia of the subject. In format, it is somewhat similar to
Bell's "Board and Table Games" and Salaamallah's "Medieval Games", but
it is far more complete than either. It isn't hugely in-depth about any
single game, but provides an excellent overview of the categories of
board games.

They're both treasures of my collection, and I recommend them highly.
Anyone serious about the subject of board games should definitely own

				-- Justin

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