hist-games: SCA Pennsic 31 gaming

Michel Wolffauer keeper at discordia.org
Wed Mar 27 08:18:47 PST 2002

Stephen wrote:

> Hi, I wanted to contact folks interested Period Gaming at Pennsic 31
> (this August).  We are pulling things together now and want to get
> ahold of folks for several purposes.  More details in a few, this is
> just a heads up.


Here are some of those details Stephen mentioned:

As some of you know there has been a Games Tent at Pennsic for the last few
years.  This year we want to try a few new things and could use some help.

Right now we're looking for people who are interested in teaching games or
game related classes.  As part of Pennsic University, we will be scheduling
game classes in the games tent.  I've just signed on as the A&S Games Tent
deputy so you can either submit your classes normally (www.pennsicwar.org)
or directly to me, either way I should get them.  We want to try and have a
schedule to the A&S coordinator by April 15th.

We are also looking for the following:

  - Volunteers to help man the tent.  In the past it has been done mostly by
one person (Stephen).  He's still running the tent this year, but we'd
like it if he didn't *have* to stay there all day all week. :)

  - Prizes donations for game tournaments.  The number and styles of
tournaments are still being worked out, but you can never have too many cool

If anyone has questions, let me know.

  In Service,
   Michel Wolffauer

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