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Hi there.
This site ( http://www.chess-poster.com/english/chesmayne/the_queen.htm ) 
appears to be well researched about the queen in Chess.  It seems to 
suggest that the Spanish played it sometime before 1497 as Luis Ramirez of 
Lucena, of Spanish origin, wrote a book called the Art of Chess in 1497, 
which mentions the mad queen version.  His book is apparently the oldest 
surviving book dealing with practical play of chess.

Another site ( http://www.netidea.com/~smartbar/origins_of_chess.htm ) says 
"Over a period of time the Bishop and Queen grew in strength to what they 
are now days. Literature of the time refer to the new game as "The Queen's 
Chess", or less complimentary name: "Mad Queen"."

I hope that helps.

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>It has been avowed in my presence that "Mad Queen" chess was known and
>played before 1502.  I think that's a tad early for it, but cannot find
>firther information with reliable dates anywhere.
>- Teceangl

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