hist-games: Willughby

Chris Snell cds at pianosa.org
Tue Feb 26 06:24:16 PST 2002

This is from the Higgins Armory Collections and research
(www.higgins.org/Research/) page:

Dr. Jeffrey L. Forgeng, the museum's Paul S. Morgan Curator, is in the
final stages of a collaborative edition of a manuscript treatise on games.
The text, dating to c.1665 and written by the naturalist Francis
Willughby, is the earliest comprehensive study of games known to have been
written in Europe. The edition is scheduled for publication by Ashgate in

For those that know him, this is Jeff Singman.  He has changed his last
name.  But this is promising news about the Willughby manuscript.

Ashgate does appear to have a web page (www.ashgate.com), but it is not
working this morning.

- Percy Aldridge

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