hist-games: Rhymomachy source on the Web

Jane & Mark Waks waks at ne.mediaone.net
Sat Dec 15 09:18:51 PST 2001

For those feeling a little ambitious: I just stumbled upon the SCETI
project, a very nice collection of period sources scanned in and placed
on the Web. And in that project, they have what appears to be a
collection of documents about Rhythmomachy:


(Note that that URL wraps, so you may have to paste it back together to
make it work.)

The source (a set of letters and treatises by Benedetto Varchi) is a
bunch of Italian manuscripts, mostly written in a very elegant and clear
hand. If someone's looking for a good project, I'd love to see these
transcribed and translated...

In general, SCETI looks well worth digging through in more detail. The
sources seem to be generally well-scanned, and are available at several
resolutions. It even allows you to read at a fairly low resolution
(convenient for downloading and viewing on the screen), and when you
click on the image it shows that part of the image in hi-res (for trying
to figure out the less clear bits). Don't know if there are more game
sources available; this is the one that comes up on the keyword

				-- Justin

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