hist-games: Administrivia

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Thu Dec 6 19:02:12 PST 2001

Just a few friendly reminders:

1) If you post from an address that you aren't subscribed as, your
message will be held until I get around to approving it, which isn't
quickly, because most such messages that get held are spam.

That's why a couple of messages from December 1 and 2 just got posted.

2) If you reply to someone, note that your note will go to just that 1
person unless you "reply all" or "group reply" or add
hist-games at pbm.com to the To: list.

3) When replying to other people, please keep your quoting of their
message down to a minimum.

4) Don't post virus warnings. Yes, there are viruses out there; either
use virus protection, or don't use Microsoft products.

greg, your friendly listowner

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