hist-games: Early Polyhedral Dice?

Alexx S Kay alexx at TheWorld.com
Sun Dec 2 15:38:24 PST 2001

> I was recently reading "Games Gods and Gambling A History of Probability and
> Statistical Ideas" by F. N. David. A history and it mentions a 20-sider made
> of rock crystal in the Louvre, but doesn't mention a probable date for it.
> (Probably for divination rather than gaming?) It seems to me in some book I've
> read also mention of some Roman-era polyhedral dice in the British museum.
> Does anyone have more info on these possible early higher number dice?

kkI don't know about those specifically, but I recall a board-and-dice
game based on an astronomy theme that called for a 7-sided die.  Haven't
got a reference to hand, but it might ring bells for someone...

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