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Michel Wolffauer keeper at discordia.org
Sat Dec 1 17:13:52 PST 2001

Alfred wrote:
>Reading this post reminded me of Chess playing in the SCA.  From time to 
>time, I get called upon to run a gaming tournament.  Often, I will use 
>Byzantine Chess as one of the tourny games.  It seems to work well because 
>the irregular board is a constant reminder to the players that they are 
>not playing modern chess and that the pieces move differenly.
>I want to go on record as suggesting that Byzantine Chess be used as SCA 

I'll second that :)

My shire runs a gaming tournament every year, and Byzantine Chess has been 
part of it for as long as I can remember.  I'm autocratting this year, and 
thinking about changing two of the games we play.  I'm removing Tablero de 
Jesus (based I what I've learned from this list and my own searches, I'm 
convinced it's not a period game) and Hopscotch (not sure I can get away 
with drawing the board in our new site).  I've added Wari, and I'm looking 
for one other to add.  I'd prefer something that the younger kids would 
enjoy (my Hopscotch crowd), but if I can't find that I'll go for another 
card or dice game.  The other games we play are:

    Byzantine Chess
    Fox and Geese
    Game of Goose
    Nard (Backgammon)
    Nine Men's Morris

Oh, while I'm here, in Nard should doubles move twice or not?  What's the 
source of the answer?   I find the more I learn, the more I need to tweak 
the rules that we play by :)

If anyone is interest in learning more about the event, you can visit the 
http://www.hartshorn-dale.org/games.html  or just ask me :)

To answer Alfred's original question, these days my favorites are the board 
games, mostly Fitchneal, Fox and Geese and Nine or Twelve Men's Morris.

   - Michel

Michel Wolffauer
Shire of Hartshorn-dale, East Kingdom         www.hartshorn-dale.org
MKA: Mike Knauer                                keeper at discordia.org

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