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Reading this post reminded me of Chess playing in the SCA.  From time to 
time, I get called upon to run a gaming tournament.  Often, I will use 
Byzantine Chess as one of the tourny games.  It seems to work well because 
the irregular board is a constant reminder to the players that they are not 
playing modern chess and that the pieces move differenly.

I have also tried running period chess variants which use the modern board 
but that seems to confuse people since they keep thinking of modern chess.  
I want to go on record as suggesting that Byzantine Chess be used as SCA 



>From: Susan <catmafia at swbell.net>
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>Subject: hist-games: please more game details
>Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 16:08:44 -0600
>Jane & Mark Waks <waks at ne.mediaone.net> wrote:
>>There are many, many games on my list. But in practice, the ones I seem
>>to teach and play most often are:
>>Gleek -- a good high-stakes card game
>>Laugh and Lie Down -- a lightweight and social gambling game
>>Picket -- my pick of the two-player games
>>Primero -- nearest thing to poker
>>Tarot -- fun and easy to teach
>>Game of the Goose -- trivial, but pleasant diversion for as many as will
>>Rhythmomachy -- hands-down the most sophisticated game I know, from any
>>Ticktack -- my favorite tables game, quick but more complex than it
>>Alea Evangelii -- rather unbalanced, but always a good challenge
>>Boules -- a good 4-player recreation for a nice day
>>Hurling -- violent as all heck, but the best exercise I get
>>Kubb -- a new favorite; I just wish I was sure it's actually period
>>Shove Groat -- a fine indoor time-waster
>I wold appreciate it if you could give more info on all of these games and
>maybe a site where I can find info on them.  I joined the list to get game
>ideas for my daughter who is 10 for while she is at events.  She really
>likes to play games and I would like to help her get together the materials
>to play many of them when we go to events, so she has something she likes
>to do.  For the one thing she has had the most fun doing at an event was
>being in the chess match and she had a ball doing that, having the longest
>game in the tourney against one of the eventual finalists.  My timid child
>sat there and kept on playing with over 20 people gathered around watching
>her play. She had fun dressing up for the live action final and was a
>bishop, she was just disappointed to be utilized so little, but glad they
>wern't playing Wizard's Chess.  They also called her up in court to
>congratulate her for how well she had done and to say that they look
>forward to watching her in the future, it was a point in time when the
>dream of the SCA was hers.
>Thank you in advance for the info on these games and any other sources that
>will be sent for her.
>We are all very beautiful models of imperfection.
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