hist-games: please more game details

Jane & Mark Waks waks at ne.mediaone.net
Sat Dec 1 14:26:42 PST 2001

Susan wrote:
> I wold appreciate it if you could give more info on all of these games and
> maybe a site where I can find info on them.

Oh, sorry; should have listed the link. I run the Medieval and
Renaissance Games Homepage, at:


There is a subpage of rules and stuff, broken down by game, at:


That's intended to be comprehensive, with pointers to all pages on the
Web that have useful and relevant information. (With the possible
exception of the games that have survived to the modern day, where I
mainly confine myself to links to pages that are particular to period
information.) All of the games that I list have descriptions there, in
some cases several different descriptions.

>  I joined the list to get game
> ideas for my daughter who is 10 for while she is at events.

>From the front page, check out the FAQ there. It has a pointers to the
book "Medieval Games", which is significantly the most useful book for
kids' games in particular...

> For the one thing she has had the most fun doing at an event was
> being in the chess match and she had a ball doing that, having the longest
> game in the tourney against one of the eventual finalists.

Very cool! You may want to poke around the chess links on the Rules page
-- there were many, many period variations of chess, and an imaginative
child might well like to explore those...

				-- Justin

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