hist-games: OT: what's your favorite period game?

Jane & Mark Waks waks at ne.mediaone.net
Sat Dec 1 09:07:20 PST 2001

David Baines wrote:
> I am Alfred--a bard and gamer in southeastern Virginia (Marinus in the SCA).
>   I was just curious as which period games might make your short list.

There are many, many games on my list. But in practice, the ones I seem
to teach and play most often are:

Gleek -- a good high-stakes card game
Laugh and Lie Down -- a lightweight and social gambling game
Picket -- my pick of the two-player games
Primero -- nearest thing to poker
Tarot -- fun and easy to teach

Game of the Goose -- trivial, but pleasant diversion for as many as will
Rhythmomachy -- hands-down the most sophisticated game I know, from any
Ticktack -- my favorite tables game, quick but more complex than it
Alea Evangelii -- rather unbalanced, but always a good challenge

Boules -- a good 4-player recreation for a nice day
Hurling -- violent as all heck, but the best exercise I get
Kubb -- a new favorite; I just wish I was sure it's actually period
Shove Groat -- a fine indoor time-waster

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