hist-games: OT: what's your favorite period game?

David Baines alfred1sca at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 1 05:00:57 PST 2001


I am Alfred--a bard and gamer in southeastern Virginia (Marinus in the SCA). 
  I was just curious as which period games might make your short list.  If 
you like, you can break it down into subcategories like: card games, board 
games, gambling games, etc.

I like many games, but here are a few that come to mind (that I actually 

card games:
French Tarot (using Justin's redaction)and Poch for right now, but plan to 
try several others (Maw, Piquet, etc).  Tarot is a great game as it is one 
of the few trick-taking games that I have played that does not require 4 and 
only 4 players.

board games:
Nine Men's Morris (truely a great game), Byzantine Chess (like it better 
than modern chess), Alquerques, etc.

gambling games:
Poch, Hazard, Basset



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