hist-games: The Kaplan Auction

Jane & Mark Waks waks at ne.mediaone.net
Fri Nov 30 16:11:36 PST 2001

A bit off-topic, because more or less all of it is post-period, but
drool-worthy nonetheless:

I just got a postcard from Sotheby's, announcing the beginning of the
"Stuart and Marilyn Kaplan Playing Card Collection Auction, part 1". The
Kaplans are among the more famous collectors of card paraphernalia, and
the collection is quite substantial (appears to be 145 items currently
on auction). Mostly 19th century gaming stuff, from all over the world.

To see the auction, go to www.sothebys.com; it's the "Kaplan Playing
Card Collection" under the "Online Special Auctions" section of the

It's all terribly expensive, of course. But rather cool to look at...

				-- Justin

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