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Fri Sep 21 19:17:00 PDT 2001

While writing an article on references to dance in early modern
dictionaries, I ran across these entries in Minsheu's 1599
Spanish/English dictionary.

  Abej['o]n, ju['e]go, a kinde of sport or play when they crie buzze,
  and so hit one another a boxe on the eare, except quickly he pull away
  his head. { Sounds almost as exciting as that Elizabethen shin kicking
              game... greg }

  Bar['a]ja, a brabble, a packe of cardes, a paire of playing cardes.

  [*]B['a]rras, [as iuego de b['a]rras,] a play with two bowles and a
  little round hoope of iron or syluer, with two battle-dores to beate
  in the boules through the ring.

  B['o]los, the play at kailes or nine pins.

  Carnic['o]l, [m.] a game with huckle bones called Cock-all. Also
  dice play, the pasterne bone

  D['a]do, [m.] a die to play withall.

  Herr['o]n, [as jug['a]r al herron,] a kinde of play vsed in Spaine,
  to cast with a dart that hath an iron or pike in it. Also to plaie
  at coites. { Could be a martial art, I suppose. greg }

  Imboc['a]r la b['o]la, to hit the bowle in the ring, at the play
  called ju['e]go de B['a]rras.

  Na['i]pes, or Na['y]pes, playing cardes.

  jug['a]r a la P['a]lma, to play at tennis.

  Pand['i]lla, [f.] a packe made in playing at the cards.

  Raqu['e]ta, [f.] a racket to play at tennis with.

If you'd like to play with these dictionaries, they're at:



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