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James Masters james.masters at ukonline.co.uk
Sun Sep 16 03:41:00 PDT 2001

A London antiques dealer has written to me with a number of pictures of an
incredible French Charles X games table.  It includes Table a Toupie,
Backgammon, Fox and Geese, a chequerboard, roulette and some mysteries.  The
Backgammon, Roulette wheel and, in particular, the Table a Toupie are really
beautiful - works of art. I'm sure that the table must have belonged to
nobility.  I cannot attach any of the pics as the mailing list rejects it.
So I've put one on this link.


This is just for interest but I am trying to help them identify the games.
Can anyone name the games on the section of the table seen on the picture I
have linked to?

The games that I know already are:

1.  There is a skittle diamond overlaid on the Alquerque-like board.  Assume
that balls were bowled down the length of the table at skittles (8 of which
come with the table).
2.  Nine Mens Morris.

The games to be identified are as follows:

3. The game that looks like alquerque but is 7x5 instead of 5x5
4. The central circle of numbers - some kind of wheel of fortune?
5. There is another central circle of marks just inside the numbers which I
think is probably unrelated to the number circle. There are two further
circular marks up the table that I assume are part of the pattern.  Possibly
skittles or something else stand on the marks in the same way as they do for
the skittle diamond.
6. The game marked 1-6 and P/I.  A dice game, perhaps?

thanks for any help,


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Subject: traditional games

Dear Mr Masters,

I work for a London firm of antiques dealers and we recently acquired a
Charles X tric-trac table. Your web site has been incredibly helpful in
identifying some of the games, although we have been unable to establish a
maker's name. We think the games include Devil Amongst the Tailors, Three
Men's Morris, Fox and Geese, Chess, Drafts, Roulette and Backgammon.

I have taken some photos of the table which, as you will see, is currently
undergoing restoration in our workshops. We have been unable to identify the
games in images 6, 9 and 10. Another mystery is the set of small ivory/bone
pieces in the wooden box pictured in image 12. We would be most grateful if
you could look at them and e-mail us with any ideas or further information.

Yours sincerely,

Timothy Langston
Mallett at Bourdon House Ltd.

 <<Dsc1.jpg>>  <<Dsc2.jpg>>  <<Dsc3.jpg>>  <<Dsc4.jpg>>  <<Dsc5.jpg>>
<<Dsc6.jpg>>  <<Dsc7.jpg>>  <<Dsc8.jpg>>  <<Dsc9.jpg>>  <<Dsc10.jpg>>
<<Dsc11.jpg>>  <<Dsc12.jpg>>

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