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I know of Quinquentovum
It's  like crapes and from the 16th century
The shooter was called the banker. He kept the dice as long as he won.
he lost
the dice passed to the player on the right. the other players were
they placed their bets and the banker covered them. then he throw two
he would win all bets if he threw doublets , three, or eleven (Called
If he threw five or nine ( called contraries) he lost all bets.
If he threw seven or an even non- doublet number, this became his point.
had to
throw his point again before throwing a five or nine to win. If he threw
five or
nine he lost and the dice passed to the next player. as the bridge

Michael and Susan McKay wrote:

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> of the list).  -mjm-
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> From: "Greathal" <greathal at texas.net>
> Subject: Quiunto
> Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 13:25:28 -0500
> A web customer from Australia is asking us about an old dice game that
> don't know about. So, I thought I'd forward his query to this list in
> of someone else answering him. I have a modern compendium which
> Quince (Fifteen, Ace Low, or Cans) that is a black jack variant.
Wonder if
> it is related? I'll be interested in your responses, too!
> Thanks--
> Beka Clark-Smith
> Great Hall Games, Austin, Texas
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> From: "Glenn Barry" <gbarry at sydney.net>
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> > Also have you every heard of a Spanish 5 dice game called quino or
> > quinto.
> >
> > Mentioned in 1843 = quino - J F Cooper 'Ned Myers'  "I commenced
> > operations by purchasing shares in a dice board, a vingt-et-un table
> > a quino table."
> >
> > Any idea what a a 'quino' table might be?
> >
> > Regards
> >
> > Glenn Barry

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