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Glenn Barry gbarry at sydney.net
Mon Aug 27 18:17:51 PDT 2001

Hi everybody.

I have just joined the list and hope I can learn a few things and maybe
even contribute.

My main interest in in Lotteries, Gaming, Gambling and games where
betting may have been involved.

I have been in the Lottery Industry for 25 years and have collected
quite a bit of information from around the world on old and current

I am in the process of writing a Dictionary of Lottery And Gambling
Terms for the industry. It will contain what historical information I
have been able to gather over the years as well as examples of most
countries in the world. I also write for a number of lottery industry
publication when time permits.

I have a library of almost 100 books on Gambling, Games and related
subjects which may be a useful resource if anybody is looking for

Right now I am trying to trace the origin of the word 'Keno' (probably
American Spanish circa late 1700's early 1800's which became attached to
the Chinese White Dove Game Pai ko p'iao (bái ge piào) (a lottery) in
the mid 1800 in the USA. It turned up in the modern form in Reno Nevada
in 1931.

I have 'quino' (used in dice games) in Castillion Spanish pronuciation
K' ee' no  (now that looks close). The word quino may have also been a
card game as it is mentioned in stories of the 'Old West' as a game
played in Saloons.

Also 'quiniela' - Maquarie Australian Dictionary - American Spanish - A
of chance. (From whence we get 'quinella' in race betting).

I am also interested in European references to 'Village Lotto' prior to
1700. This is the early Bingo (Beano, Loteria, Housie Housie), like game
possibly also known as Tombola. It appears first in my records as a
village market day or festival game in Italy mid 1700. This could also
be the original game that became known as Keno in Southern USA/Mexico in
the 1800's.

Any help appreciated and just ask if I can help someone else.

Glenn Barry

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