hist-games: Re: [EK] Re: waks.org / waks.ne.mediaone.net offline

Jane & Mark Waks waks at ne.mediaone.net
Sat Aug 18 11:54:51 PDT 2001

Michael Tatroe wrote:
> > Howdy, all. Our machine is running just fine, but Mediaone is doing
> > *something* remarkably stupid, which seems to be blocking all inbound
> > HTTP traffic to my machine. Haven't yet figured out what -- they're
> > intentionally blocking port 80 due to Code Red, but were entirely
> > clueless about why, eg, port 8001 isn't getting through either.
> If you have control of the server, you can do what many of us are doing
> and temporarily switch running httpd off 8080 rather than 80.

Since about ten people have told me this, I'm going to say it again:
*NO* ports are coming through. None, zero, zip. All HTTP traffic is
being blocked.

(The very first thing I did was to switch Apache over to port 8001, but
that doesn't help at all. In fact, I'm running on port 8001 right now,
but no one outside seems to be able to get to it. Sniffing my firewall,
I find that all attempts at HTTP traffic simply aren't getting to my
machine; the packets are being dropped en route. I've tried at least
half a dozen ports. Pings work fine, but HTTP just goes into a black

Best I can figure, Mediaone is inconsistent. Some people claim that
they're doing okay with port 8080, which is great. But as far as I can
tell, they've set up a firewall somewhere upstream from my node, which
is actually sniffing the HTTP protocol and blocking incoming requests. I
wouldn't be nearly so annoyed if I could just switch to another port,
which is about a thirty second change for me...

				-- Justin

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