hist-games: waks.org / waks.ne.mediaone.net offline

Jane & Mark Waks waks at ne.mediaone.net
Wed Aug 8 19:02:38 PDT 2001

Howdy, all. Our machine is running just fine, but Mediaone is doing
*something* remarkably stupid, which seems to be blocking all inbound
HTTP traffic to my machine. Haven't yet figured out what -- they're
intentionally blocking port 80 due to Code Red, but were entirely
clueless about why, eg, port 8001 isn't getting through either.

The consequence is that all of Caitlin's and my sites (Carolingia; Rolls
Ethereal; EK Precedence; Period Games; etc) are offline for the moment.
I'm continuing to look into it, and if I figure out a workaround I'll
remap www.waks.org to that. If not, we're going to have to wait until
Mediaone gets its act together. Sorry. In the meantime, if you're trying
to get through, please try the www.waks.org versions of the URLs, not
the waks.ne.mediaone.net versions -- the former is more likely to work
if I do find a workaround.

				-- Justin
				   Getting really annoyed at Mediaone these

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