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Sat Aug 4 10:00:24 PDT 2001

Chas wrote:
> Is there any difference between "Tablero de Jesus" and "Tablero da Gucci"?
> For a while there was a web page by a SCA member who claimed to be the
> inventer of one of them. (??-a Baron Steffano??) Unfortunately I've lost my
> bookmark for it, and haven't been able to find it again. The page seemed to
> claim they purposely sent the game out into the known world to see how it
> would evolve.

Tablero da Gucci is an SCA modification of Tablero de Jesus, which we
*think* is period (although there has been some controversy on this
subject, which I hope Teceangl can shed some light on). The rules are
similar, but the original wasn't a drinking game, and da Gucci has been
ornamented with a bunch of extra rules. And yes, I believe that Baron
Steffano originated the thing -- certainly he popularized it.

For more information on this and lots else, see the Period Games Page:


and particularly the Rules page:


Unfortunately, the two main pages on da Gucci seem to have gone away --
rogues.org now has a domain-squatter sitting on it. But the link to the
Game Cabinet still works...

				-- Justin
				   Keeper of the Period Games page

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