hist-games: Tablero de Jesus and Justin du Coeur

Chas webmaster at historicgames.com
Sat Aug 4 07:40:58 PDT 2001

Teceangl wrote:
> Everyone is requesting that I post the research message, so I have emailed
> the originating lady for permission to report.  Since it has been in a
> public forum already, I suspect we'll get it.  As soon as that happens,
> it'll hit the list.
> Justin, want a personal cc?
> - Teceangl

Is there any difference between "Tablero de Jesus" and "Tablero da Gucci"? 

For a while there was a web page by a SCA member who claimed to be the
inventer of one of them. (??-a Baron Steffano??) Unfortunately I've lost my
bookmark for it, and haven't been able to find it again. The page seemed to
claim they purposely sent the game out into the known world to see how it
would evolve. 

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