hist-games: Tablero de Jesus and Justin du Coeur

Jane & Mark Waks waks at ne.mediaone.net
Fri Aug 3 20:27:54 PDT 2001

> In message <200108040015.f740FTH48033 at agora.rdrop.com>, Teceangl
> <tierna at agora.rdrop.com> writes
> >I have some research on Tablero de Jesus I tried to forward to Justin,
> >but his email bounced fatally.  Has anyone an accurate address for him?

Hmm. That's the second report I've gotten today about bouncing mail.
Apparently, Mediaone had a major brainfart and started rejecting our
mail for at least a few hours. Seems to be working okay now, though...

				-- Justin
				   Who would *love* any and all concrete
				     information on Tablero...

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