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Mon Jul 23 04:44:39 PDT 2001

Susan and Michael McKay forwarded:
> I am interested in learning about the games which came to the west from
> countries under Islam.  Could any members give information about English
> translations of passages in the Etymologies by Isidore of Seville or works
> by Alfonzo X?

Currently, translations from the Alfonso MS are sort of scattershot. The
book with the most passages I know is HJR Murray's "A History of Chess",
which has a few sections. There's currently a scholar out west doing a
translation of the Libros del Ajedrex, which should be quite useful when
it's finished, but that'll be a while yet. (The book is also available
in both a cheap transcription and a fantastically expensive facsimile,
but that's only useful if you read old Catalan, which most of us

				-- Justin

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