hist-games: Tarot game suggestions?

Susan and Michael McKay seaan at concentric.net
Sun Jun 10 23:09:32 PDT 2001

As usual with card games prior to the 1600's, there are no really solid set
of rules.  Dummett's Game of Tarot is the best reference, if you can find
it.  Parlett's Oxford Guide to Playing Cards is fairly brief, but is
probably easier to read.  In both cases they can describe games with much
more confidence in the 1630-1700 time period, but just make educated guesses
for the periods before.

I've had occasion to teach Tarot card games a few times, and have placed a
description of the "basic" rules on the web.  This works pretty well as
teaching notes, even for players without much experience in trick taking
card games.


I've noted several places where you can trade-off "ease of teaching" against
"traditions" (at least we presume these traditions were followed at that
time).  I do this less often now.  Playing with John McLeod I've come to
better appreciate following all the typical traditions of a card game
(direction of play, traditional methods of shuffling and cutting the deck,
etc.).  Of course most of these are even more "lost" than the rules of the
game for that period.


Michael McKay  (known as Seaan McAy in the SCA)
seaan at concentric.net

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