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Anduil at aol.com wrote:
> Dear Chas,
> There are lots of tarot that can be played, though it would help to
> know more
> about the time frame you are looking for.  Renaissance games would be
> a tad
> different from 19th century ... and of course no tarot existed at all
> prior
> to about 1440.
> If you have access to Michael Dummett's "The Game of Tarot" book, that
> covers
> the works.  But if not, here are the basics:

Thanks gang, for the replies!
I'm familar with Dummett, but haven't had a chance to read it yet -off to
We belong to a 30 Years War era living history group, so anything pre-1630's
that is quicker/ easier to teach will work.

On a related Tarot note, I recently saw a small mention of an author named
Gertrude Moakley who suggested that the personas portrayed on the trumps of
tarot cards may have been inspired by characters that were paraded in
processions in the 15th century, anyone read this before?

PS we're not SCA members but will be peddling our wares at WW8 in Wisconsin
next month, anyone going to be there? -come by and say hello!

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