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Jane & Mark Waks waks at ne.mediaone.net
Wed May 9 05:37:23 PDT 2001

Eva Grammer wrote:
> Has anyone heard of this game?  And is it SCA-period?

It's apparently quite big in Sweden, having made a big revival in recent
years. (Or so I gather from the various Web pages -- I've been
researching it recently.)

As for period -- hard to say for sure. It's one of those games that
everyone agrees is Very Very Old, which probably means that it's at
least 200; beyond that, the folk process gets thick enough that you have
to take it with a grain of salt. There's nothing conceptually in the
game that makes it terribly implausible -- it's sort of in the general
"throwing things at other things" genre, although with more
sophisticated rules than most such. Nothing screamingly modern, but far
from obviously ancient.

I'm idly looking into this for the Period Games Homepage, and am
extremely interested in the subject at the moment. I gather that there's
an international Kubb federation of some sort; I'm planning on looking
them up and asking them for further details when I get time. I've
chatted a bit with a fairly serious Viking-recreation group who play it
a lot, but they didn't appear to have any real documentation. Any other
information would be very welcome...

				-- Justin
				   Who quite enjoys the game, and would like
				     to be able to play it in the SCA with a
				     clear conscience...

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