hist-games: Question about a dice game

Mike Surbrook susano at buser.net
Tue May 8 05:29:43 PDT 2001

On Mon, 7 May 2001, Susan and Michael McKay wrote:

> Teceangl's  rules are excellent. The game is also sometimes known as
> the Round Dozen. Most versions display the numbers up to nine but
> they can also be through twelve. I think the larger spread plays
> better.  It does not need special equipment and can be played by
> drawing the numbers on a sheet of paper.
> Games of the World edited by Frederic Grunfeld shows a very
> interesting and intricately carved box from Africa that uses sliding
> panels to keep track of the numbers covered. It also shows  a plate
> from a Spanish medieval manuscript  of some gentles throwing dice
> into a box and claims this is an ancestor to Shut the Box (page 143).
> Anyone have more info on this?

I'd be interested in finding a nice, period-looking version of Shut the
Box, can anyone help there?

Michael Surbrook
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