hist-games: RE: Question about a dice game

Mattila Johannes johannes.mattila at tullverket.se
Tue May 8 04:24:33 PDT 2001

> Two corrections to what I've read.  If you roll a 1 and 5, 
> you can cover
> the 1 and 5 or the 6.  Period.  The 2 and 4 is only allowed 
> in children's
Does that mean the 2 and 4 is not used or what?
> games locally.  You want to cover the 7,8,9 as fast as possible.  Once
> they're gone you have the option of going to a single die.  Take it!
> - -- Dagonell
I didnt think it was optional to use the single dice after 7, 8 and 9 is out
otherwise you have a better chance with two dices as at least one should it.


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