hist-games: FW: Question about a dice game

Mike Surbrook susano at buser.net
Thu May 3 04:45:05 PDT 2001

On Wed, 2 May 2001, Susan and Michael McKay wrote:

> Forwarded mail from a non-list member.  I've seen it played at the local
> Renaissance fair, but have no idea of its history (was it really played in
> England during the Renaissance?).  Does someone have a write-up for the
> rules or history of the game?

I think I recognize this game.

> I recently bought a very pretty dice game that looks like this a walnut tray
> about the size of a legal paper in-box the numbers 1 - 9 along one long
> side,
> they can be covered with walnut flaps. A green baize dice throwing area
> covers about 2/3 of the box. This is a crude representation of the game.
> <------- 17" -------->
> ______________
> |1| 2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9| ^
> |-----------------------|
> |                       | 11"
> |                       |
> -----------------------| v
> Any idea what this game is called and what the rules are?

This is called (I think) "shut the box". The dice are rolled and one can
close off numbers based on the result rolled. One wins by closing all the
flaps, you lose if you cna't close a flap after a die roll. I'm prett sure
the rules are a bit more complex than that, however.

I'd like to get a  set myself, come to think of it.

Michael Limner, esquire

Michael Surbrook
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