hist-games: Pre-15 Centure Dice

Brent Hanner behanner at swt.edu
Wed Apr 18 13:26:22 PDT 2001

 Heather Sayers wrote:
 > Hi there -
 > I have been researching dice from the middle ages, and have found a
 > of dice games that were played, but can't seem to find any
information on
 > how to actually make the dice.  I realize that many people used
 > knucklebones, etc, but I'm interested in making the dice out of clay
 > ceramic (which are period).
 In both excavations of London and King's Lynn have turned up bone dice.
 Not necessarily knucklebones.  The dice appear to be cut from a solid
 bone.  Do you have any evidence of clay or ceramic dice?  Does anyone?

"To the Piave rode our band / where, on a pretty meadowland,
I saw awaiting me a knight. / I recognized him at first sight- 
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for he made all of them his own / and seldom ever slept alone."

Service of Ladies by Ulrich von Lichtenstien

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