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Susan and Michael McKay seaan at concentric.net
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Any one have some help for Jan?

Michael McKay  
seaan at concentric.net   or  owner-hist-games at pbm.com

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My son is working on a 6th grade Renaissance project and he has comitted
himself and me to two things: 1) Making a renaissance costume, easy
enough, but also has to have four sources  on his choice of outfit, OK,
and 2) a three sided "billboard" showing multiple pictures, the rules
and the history of "The Game of Catching a Greased Pig"!!! I have been
searching everywhere, most articles pertain to politics and the rest are
state or local fairs.  Do you know where I can get this kind of info or
is my son totally off in the wrong direction? Was this a game during the
renaissance period, etc??? It is due by this Thursday, the 19th, of


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