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Dear ,

I have recently received issue No.3 of "Board Games Studies" (The International Journal
for the Study of Board Games), an annual publication published by CNWS Publications,
Research School, CNWS, Leiden (contact details, &c, at the end of this message). As with
the previous two issues, the standard of the articles, research notes & reviews is of the
highest order and interest, as far as an insular, monoglot Anglo-Saxon can tell.

The purpose of this missive is to 'drum up' new subscribers to the journal. As I could not
recall how many issues my subscription (134 DFl) covered, I rang CNWS to find that out,
and to determine how I could ensure that I received issue No.4.

The very pleasant gentleman I spoke to assured me that subscribers would be contacted with
details of subscription renewal; however, I was disturbed to be told that current
financial strictures meant that there is a question mark over the continuance of the
journal. This worried me so much that I was driven to write this message.

To whet your appetite, the Contents of each issue now follow [apologies for
non-accentuations]. Each issue has 150 pages (+/-25), well-illustrated, some in colour;
summaries appear in English, French & German.
D=Dutch; E=English: F=French; G=German= I=Italian:

ISSUE 1 (1999)
	Mancala in Asia Minor? - Ulrich Schaedler (E)
	Inca Dice & Board Games - Thierry Depaulis (E)
	On a Phylogenetic Classification of Mancala Games, with Some Newly-recorded Games from
the 'Southern Silk Road", Yunnan Provice, China - Vernon A. Eagle (E)
	The Development of the English Board Game, 1770-1850 - Caroline G. Goodfellow (E)
	Bul: A Patolli Game in Lowland Maya - Lieve Verbeeck (E)

	Edward Falkener: Old Board Games for New - Irving Finkel (E)
	Jogos de quadricula do tipo Mancala by E.R. Santos Silva (E)
	Over de herkomst van het woord damspel by A. van der Stoep (E)
	Bibliographie der Spielbuecher by Thierry Depaulis (F)

ISSUE 2 (2000)
	Mehen, God of Board Games - Benedikt Rothoeler (E)
	Von "Winkelwegen", "Eulen" und "Fischziehern" - 'liubo': ein altchinesisches Brettspiel
fuer Geister und Menschen - Hermann-Josef Roellicke (G)
	The Gaming Board in Indian Chess & Related Board Games: a terminological investigation -
Andreas Bock-Raming (E)
	Die Arithmomachia des Abraham Ries und weitere neuzeitliche Ueberlieferungen der
Rithomachie - Peter Mebben (G)
	La Metromachie ou la bataille geometrique - Michel Boutin & Pierre Parlebas (F)
	Distribution of Mancala Board Games: a methodological inquiry - Alexander J. Voogt (E)
	American Board Games - Bruce Whitehall (E)
	Vom 20-Felder-Spiel zum Wuerfelvierschach? - Ulrich Schaedler (G)
	Bilatlas zum Sport im Alten Aegypten by W. Decker & M. Herb (E)
	Giochi e giocattoli nell'antichita by M. Fitta (G)
	Alfonso el Sabio, Il libro dei giochi by P. Canettieri (ed) (E)
	Wuerfel und Wahrscheinlichkeit by R. Ineichen (G)
	Blinddammen en blindschaken by N.R. Keesen & A. v. der Stoep (E)

ISSUE 3 (2001)
	Les representations des jeux de pions dans le Proche-Orient ancien et leur signification
- Pascal Romain (F)
	Origin of Chess: a Phylogenetic Perspective - Alex R. Kraaijeveld (E)
	Kurze Gesichte des Tricktrack in Japan - Koichi Masukawa (G)
	Eine Anleitung zur Anleitung. Das taktische Kriegsspiel 1812-1814 - Phillip von Hilgers
	Human versus Machine Problem-solving: Winning Openings in Dakon - Jeroen Donkers, Alex de
Voogt, Jos Uiterwijk (E)
	Mancala Boards (Olinda Keliya) in the National Museums of Colombo - Alex de Voogt (E)
	Les Indo-Europeens jouaient-ils aux des? - Thierry Depaulis (F)
	"The Monkey Race": Remarks on Board Games Accessories - Anne-E. Dunn-Vaturi (E)
	Medieval Nine-Men's Morris with Dice - Ulrich Schaedler (E)
	1000s [of] Ways to Play Monopoly - Spartaco Albertarelli (E)
	Giuoco de Scacchi by A. Sanvito & K. Whyld (ed) (E)
	Giocare sulla pietra by C.& L. Gavazzi (E)
	Glueck, Logik und Bluff by J. Bewersdorff (E)
	De invloed van de Spaanse koningin Isabel la Catolica op de sterke dame ... by G.
Westerveld (E&F)

For those readers who suffer from the common disease "Anglolalia monoglottida" -
characterised by the inablility to speak/read/write/understand only UK/US English - may I
suggest the following solution? "Systrans" market translation 'modules', price about GBP
20; USD 30 per language pair. By scanning the article, passing the produced file through
an optical character reader, the resultant .RTF file can then be translated.
Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in "Systrans", merely a fairly satisfied user of
the Spanish<->English module. The English output then has to be rendered into 'real'
English  no great chore.

To recap; nobody with a real interest in board & table games can afford NOT to subscribe
to the "Board Games Studies" journal (and, if necessary, to purchase back issues as
Contact details, as promised, are:

CNWS Publications
PO Box 9515
2300 RA
The Netherlands

Tel: (+31) [0]71 527 21 71
Fax: (+31) [0]71 527 29 39

E-mail: cnws at let.leidenuniv.nl
Website: http://www.leidenuniv.nl/interfac/cnws/pub/BoardGames.html

Do it Now!

Trevor (York,UK)
Payments can be made in Dutch Guilders or Euros. They take VISA (only)

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