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Atena atena at mtl.pl
Wed Mar 28 06:09:57 PST 2001

Dear Colleagues,

I am taking this opportunity to inform you that in May 2001 our publishing
house is going to publish a one volume, fully illustrated "Encyclopedia of
World Sports". The book (620 pages, large B4 format) will contain more than
3500 sports (excluding board or card games) from around the world, from
ancient times to modern. Apart from all well known sports, such as soccer
(football), basketball, athletics etc. the encyclopedia will contain entries
on regional, folk, and traditional sports and games from every continent
(such as African Zuar, Turkish Yagli Guresh, Indian sports, sports from Asia
and Eastern Europe, Australian Boomerang and Sheep-shearing; Arab Camel
Racing; modern Horseball etc etc.). The encyclopedia will be published in
the Polish language and will be offered for foreign language editions.
Imagine! More than 3500 sports in one volume for the first time ever! Should
you be interested in this edition or should you require any additional
information, please, feel free to contact us at:

Oficyna Wydawnicza Atena
Wawrzyniaka 39
60-502 Poznan, Poland
phone/fax: (48)(61) 8430800
atena at mtl.pl

Dr Krzysztof Sawala
Project co-ordinator

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