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Teceangl tierna at agora.rdrop.com
Sun Mar 25 19:54:18 PST 2001

> I have this book. It's very well developed and reasonably well-documented, 
> but if you're looking for a book of instructions, it isn't one. Depends on 
> what you want it for, I guess.
> She draws on manuscript illustrations, lots of literary references, and the 
> usual collection of expense records and legal findings containing sports 
> references to describe the breadth of the recreational activities of the era.
> Chapters are: 1. Out of Doors (ball games, camp. golf, ice-skating, 
> wrestling; 2. Animal Sports (everything from horse-racing to bear-baiting, 
> unless they're in the next chapter); 3. Hunting, Hawking and Fishing; 4. 
> Tournaments, Jousts and Tilts; 5. Outdoor and House and Garden Games; 6. 
> Board, Table; 7. Glee, Medieval Music, Singing and Dancing; 8. Medieval 
> Drama; 9. Folk Games (mostly festival traditions).

This sounds perfect.  I have rules, rules, and more rules.  I want to know
where, when, by whom, and what things looked like.  This seems to cover some
of the stuff I've been seeking.
I'm not paying $75.  But I have sources (I live in the same town as Powell's
City of Books).

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