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I just picked up the lovliest pamphlet.  "Delights of Life in Fifteenth-
Century England", which is the transcript, annoted, of the keynote address
to the annual general meeting of the Richard III Society, Inc., of October

There are a few paragraphs on "quiet" types of recreation.  One of the
references cited is McLean, Teresa, _The English at Play in the Middle
Ages_ (Windsor Forest: Kensal Press, 1983)

Has anyone seen this book?  If so, could you give a quick review or post
something about its suitability?  From the text I did glean it promotes 
the fallacy that all images of the queen on modern suits of cards are
derived from Elizabeth of York, but it also seems to have good information
on merelles history and the playing of Hasard.
In short, I want that book.  But also would like to know how much effort I
ought to put into the acquisition of it.


- Teceangl

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