hist-games: Pallone/Kaatsen scoring

SEDWilkins at aol.com SEDWilkins at aol.com
Wed Mar 7 08:17:16 PST 2001

Hi listers-

I'm getting a terrible headache trying to sort out the scoring on these early 
handball/armball games (also, I think, called "Fives" in England?)

Part of my problem is that I'm reading machine translations of Italian 
websites, but even in my English sources I'm confused. Maybe someone out 
there has actually played one of these games?

I have no problem with there being variations from place to place, but the 
references to the cacce are everywhere, and I really don't understand. . .

What I think I understand, and where I know I'm confused:

When a ball goes out of bounds or dies in the receiving team's court the 
referee sets a caccia. This is both a new "mid-line" on the court a potential 
point -- to be won how?? (A standard point is won by driving the ball over 
the receiving team's baseline?)

Two cacce and a particular combination of scores causes the teams to change 
ends of the court--does this then put the already winning team in the 
position of defending the smaller court?


Sally Wilkins

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