hist-games: The Ballinderry Board and Alquerque

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Just got my copy of "Archaeology of York, Vol 17: Woodworking", (Carol
Morris, 2000, ISBN 1 902771 10 9).  In reference to the Ballindary board, it
says "This fine-quality board was made from a single piece of wood, its
raised frame-like edges carved all-in-one-piece with the board".

That should clear up at least one question for you.

BTW, this book series is fantastic.  As good a quality as the Museum of
London publications.

Guillaume Sudeterre


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I'ld love to get a copy of an official museum description of the board.
In a
picture I saw recenlty it looked like the "peg" board playing surface
of the
Ballinderry artifact was a separate piece in a "frame" making up the
boarder,and have wondered if that's the case. 

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