hist-games: The Ballinderry Board and Alquerque

Alex R. Kraaijeveld a.kraayeveld at ic.ac.uk
Tue Feb 27 08:41:45 PST 2001

Hi all

FAIK, the museum description of the Ballinderry board is

Casson S, 1934. A Manx gaming-board of the Viking age. Journal of the Manx
Museum 2: 164- 165.

A fragment (now lost) of another board very similar to the Ballinderry
board, but less ornate, was found in Northern Ireland:

Simpson WG, 1972. A gaming-board of Ballinderry-type from Knockanboy,
Derrykeighan, Co. Antrim. Ulster Journal of Archaeology. 35: 63-64.

For an advocate of the 'fidchell was a game as no other' and a potential
reconstruction, see:

Suckling N, 1990. Fidchell - celtic chess. Quintessential Games, Tunbridge
Wells, Kent.

Cheers, Lex

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Cloonaughill Celtic Malts

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