hist-games: The Ballinderry Board and Alquerque

Hall, Hayward HALLH at EVANGEL.EDU
Mon Feb 26 20:02:37 PST 2001

Greetings all,

I have been researching medieval games for a few months now, and just joined
the list a few weeks ago.  I've built a 7x7 board hnefatafl-type  and a few
other games and have quite enjoyed it (see below) - even taught some
non-medievals to play it at work.  I've got a few buning questions for you

On the Ballinderry board, Murray suggests that it was used for an Irish form
of hnefatafl, most likely called Brandubh according to MacWhite, but I
havent seen anyone give notice of the pointed markings on both 'handle'
sides between the 3rd and 4th holes.  These look like they're in the right
place to mark the staggered break in opposing pieces of alquerque.  I've
never seen a reference to a 7x7 alquerque game either.  It plays very well
in any case, but I was wondering if anyone else had run across it.  I
believe I've hit every resource on the net, and most of the primary book
sources as well.

Guillaume dela Sudeterre
Order of the Leather Mallet
Oakheart, Calontir

My board:

Picture of Ballinderry Board at http://www.historicgames.com/Fitchneal.html

Eoin MacWhite "Early Irish Board Games" 
H.J. Murray "History of Board-Games other than Chess"

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