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Thierry Depaulis thierry.depaulis at freesbee.fr
Thu Feb 15 23:33:51 PST 2001

>MacGregor Games

>In his "Oxford Guide to Card Games" Parlett suggests that the card game Pope
>Joan (an ancestor to Tripoli & Michigan Rummy) is related to the French game
>Naine Jaune (Yellow Dwarf) and that the name probably became Anglicized to
>"Nun Joan" and then evolved to be "Pope Joan," as in the legend regarding John
>VIII. He says the earliest reference to the game Pope Joan is 1732 in the OED.
>But does anyone have an earliest date for Naine Jaune?

No. The earliest account of Nain Jaune (not "Naine Jaune"!) in French is
1762. It was advertised as a new game in a magazine, "L'Avant Coureur" of
1st March 1762. Le Nain Jaune ("The Yellow Dwarf") was the title of a
popular tale by Mme d'Aulnoy (1698).
In 1779 the game had already spread to other parts of Europe since Mozart
mentions it as 'Nain Chaun' in one of his letters.
PS: Parlett correctly writes Nain Jaune.
Thierry Depaulis

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