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Dear All,

Having read a considerable number of messages along the lines of "I'm looking for games in the
period ....", I am appending (but not attaching) a bibliography of (sports &) games that might be
useful. The pages were scanned & proof-read but no editing out has been done. Some of the references
are quite esoteric:
“The Study of Games” by Avedon, E.M. & Sutton-Smith, B. J. Wiley & Sons, Inc, NY (1971)

The History of Games
(This listing has been prepared to offer the reader an indication of the range of materials whict
are available, and does not attempt to offer an exhaustive listing of the materials which are
available The researcher who is investigating the history of a partic~ar game is advised to consult
the many bibliographies throughout this volume.)

Some General References in the English Language

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Selected References Relating to Various Historical Periods  - Preliterate, Ancient, Medieval, and
Early Modern Times.

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Early Modern
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Trevor (York,UK)

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