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Sorry if the comes through twice -was having a little E-problem this morning...

I tracked down where I had originally found my reference to Sixe-Ace, and it
was R.C. Bell's "Board and Table Games from Many Civilization" Vol.1 He
included diagrams on how the board was used. However, I seem to have continued
a error that Bell seems to have preserved from one of his sources.

Bell says the version is listed in Alphonso X's MS as "Sies dos e as" so I
double-checked the "Book of Games" site and Parlett's "Oxf. Hist. of Board
Games" but both list "el Seys, Dos e As" as being "Six-Deuce-Ace" -the name
describing the starting points of that Tables variant.

But then I found the apparent source of Bell's error! -Woohoo! Murray, ("Hist.
of Brd. Games other than Chess") says D.W. Fisk ("Chess in Iceland" author)
associated Seys, Dos e As with "the English Sice-Ace," but that Fisk was
wrong, and that it was a dice game that did NOT use a board. -So I assume Fisk
may also be where Bell got the rules expansion on what Cotton described?
Anyone have a copy of Fisk handy?

Bell provided what he called a paraphrased version of Cotton's drinking version:

"Up to five may play at Sixe-Ace, each having six pieces. On the throw of a 1,
a player passes a piece to his neighbour; on a throw of 6 he bears a pieces
off; and a player throwing a 2 much drink and throw again. The last two
players on the board, or sometime the last one pay(s) for the drinks"

Based on the correct quote from Cotton provided Justin, it looks like Bell
also got it wrong in that "doublets" let you drink, not rolling a "2"

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