hist-games: tablero replacement?

Alexx S Kay alexx at world.std.com
Mon Feb 12 06:58:00 PST 2001

> The hardest part is "so often some I have seen that for the lucre of a
> little money have resolved rather to lose themselves than a penny". I
> confess, I'm not sure how to interpret that; ideas are welcome. 

I also had trouble parsing the grammar here, but I think I've got
it.  "Greedy people would rather 'lose themselves' (i.e., get
roaring drunk) than put up with losing the chance at winning
'a penny' (i.e., the small amount of money involved in the drinks)".

>  And of
> course, it's pretty unclear how any of this translates to being a game
> within the tables -- if it's not using the points, the table seems
> entirely irrelevant, which is odd.

Maybe it's just played on tables because, well, they're there.  Didn't
many (most?) pubs have gameboards carved or painted into the table tops?

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