hist-games: Backgammon and Others

Jane & Mark Waks waks at ne.mediaone.net
Fri Feb 9 13:59:27 PST 2001

Ogedei wrote:
>I am also searching for period rules and references for Ming-Mang and

Both games are described in Baron Sallaamallah's book, Medieval Games;
ordering info can be found at:


He describes them both as being rather Tafl-like, with long orthogonal
moves and interception captures. (Also allowing capture of multiple
pieces along a line at once, unlike Tafl.) He also says that captured
pieces are replaced by the captor's color, a la Othello.

Unfortunately, the book is basically devoid of footnotes, so I can't
vouch for the accuracy of the reconstruction. But you might write to him
directly and ask where he got the game from...

				-- Justin

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