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Michel wrote:
> Ogedei wrote:
> >I am also searching for period rules and references for Ming-Mang and
> >Mishy-Mashy.
> I too am looking for more information about these two - specifically
> Mishy-Mashy.  Two SCA related publications mention it as being Hungarian in
> origin, but I have not found any other sources (plus the two pubs give
> slightly different rules for the game).
>    - Michel

David Parlett in his book "Oxford History of Board Games" (1999) goes through
quite a few historic variations on "Tables" (Backgammon) and mentions several
that were described in Alphonso X's 13th century "Book of Games" (If you'll
excuse a commercial note we have a booklet of 32 historical and regional
Backgammon variations we've put together with the Backgammon sets we sell -URL below.)

Parlett also describes "Mig Mang" as being a Tibetan game played on 17 x 18
grid (although a Go board would work, or even a Checker board for playing on a
smaller scale.) The play resembles what we today call "Reversi" in that the
goal is to replace all of your opponent's pieces with our own color. Each
players starts with 34 pieces. Players start with the pieces all along the
outer edges of the board and can move "orthogonally" along the lines. It
sounds like you capture by trapping opponents between two of your own pieces
(as in tafl games) and replace the captured piece with one of your own color. 

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