hist-games: Nine Men's Morris with dice?

Eva Grammer kattmeow at nvrfastenuf.com
Thu Feb 8 04:43:03 PST 2001

For this question, I must reference a webpage I was looking at:


This page showed an illustration from the Alphonso X book that showed
two young men playing Morris with dice.  Does anyone know how this would
have been done?  The museum article on the website did not give any
further information.  Or is the Alphonso X book translated somewhere
that might have the rules to play it with dice?


Cynwise aet Sceaduwode
MoC, Vulpine Reach, Meridies
Whole may you be, Earth, mother of men!
May you be growing in God's embrace,
with food filled for the needs of men.

--Part of an Anglo-Saxon "field remedy" charm

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