hist-games: Italian and Hungarian games?

Michel keeper at discordia.org
Fri Feb 2 07:55:17 PST 2001

Hi Folks,

   I'm starting some research for an upcoming event at my SCA shire.  They 
are planning on recreating the 1483 marriage of King Matthias of Hungary to 
Beatrix of Aragon, daughter to the King of Naples.  What I've been asked to 
do is see if I can find any period Hungarian and Italian games.

   I'll be diving into my book collection this weekend, but I wanted to see 
if anyone on the list had some suggestions/recommendations.

   - Michel

Shire of Hartshorn-dale, East Kingdom        www.hartshorn-dale.org
MKA: Mike Knauer                               keeper at discordia.org

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