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Mon Jan 29 00:46:15 PST 2001

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From: Michael McKay  (known in the SCA as Seaan McAy)

> the way to make it more interesting is to add gambling.

I did add the gambling aspect - we used my "jewels" (a huge box full of
"vase marbles" - the ones with flat bottoms.  I use them for playing pieces
too).  It _might_ have helped if I had had chocolate gold coins available,
but I doubt it.  Mind you, I could definitely understand how a game could go
on for days!

> The other thing that helps is that I lecture on historical game facts
> they are playing the game.

I would not have been able to use it to teach at the same time because,
frankly, I didn't even come close to having their attention - nor did the
game!  I am just really pleased that I have never taken it to a school

On the other hand, the dice games which people on this list kindly sent me
(or to which they directed me) went down very well at the tavern.  I played
the Prince at In and Inn (which was a good choice for the context because
people could come and go at will and also it doesn't require too much
attention so conversations with non-players were possible).  BTW, I stripped
the Prince of much gold, which might explain my enthusiasm!

Actually, I was told that a lot of people went up and played the games or
read the rules at the least - before the event, I had stocked up on pencils,
pads, and dice so there was plenty of equipment available.  The Steward of
the event said that he was pleasantly surprised (or words to that effect) by
the amount of work I had put into this.

Gwynydd (who actually quite likes mindless games like snakes and ladders and
hates games which require too much thought, like chess.)

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